Water and Wastewater Department

Water and Sewer Department
179 West Main Street
P.O. Box 56
Orwell, Ohio 44076

Water and Wastewater Employees

Water and Sewer Emergencies Call Raymond Nevison at (440) 536-6405

Water and Sewer Billing
Bert Carlson, Deputy Clerk
179 West Main Street
P.O. Box 354
Orwell, Ohio 44076

Please Click Here To Pay Your Water & Wastewater Bill Online

Minimum Village Water & Wastewater Rates Billed Quarterly:
Water Only – $61.80
Sewer Only – $81.62
Water & Sewer – $143.42

Minimum Township Water & Wastewater Rates Billed Quarterly:
Water Only: $86.52
Sewer Only: $114.26
Water & Sewer: $200.78

Minimums apply to the first 6,000 gallons of water/wastewater usage. Once 6,000 gallons have been exceeded, usage will be billed on a per 1,000 gallon basis.

Rentals require a deposit:

In Village $286.84

In Township: $401.56

Per Water and Wastewater Ordinance:




The Orwell Village 2022 Consumer Confidence Report is Now Available!

Click Here to Download/View the 2022 CCR!

Residential Backflow Prevention Information

The Operator Training Committee of Ohio has produced a video outlining backflow prevention in a residential setting. To learn more about potential backflow hazards at your home Click Here!

State of Ohio Backflow Test Form

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